Molecules Bio


Shifting the weight of language begins with a foundation of what consolidates power. The first building block is organization. Organization by itself is power in action. The thought of laying a foundation requires the mind to gather information and ideas to formulate what a “foundation” is, in order for the facilitation to occur as a gathered image. Language helps our minds organize to create the cognitive remembrance, recognition, understanding, and acknowledgement of the image known as a “foundation.” The power within the language relies upon the process of organization.

 When building a house, we must first prepare the land and prepare the materials in order to begin the job.  The ability in both the present moment and toward the finished product, such as the land we own and the materials needed, are a combination of set parameters when preparing. Skill, practice, and understand, play key roles in cultivating our abilities toward the desired outcome. It is important to remember there is always ability if enough skill, practice, and understanding are employed.